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Calling or ‘What Should We Do With Our Life’ (Part 2 of 2)

October 3, 2007

(Read Part 1 If You Missed It)

My Calling
I am clearly ‘called’ to start a new church community. It has been my calling from the womb; it just took some time to reveal. I have spent time in prayer on it and found spiritual confirmation. I have studied the scriptures and found mountains of scripture calling us to make disciples, so it is consistent with scripture. I have relied on others to assess my abilities, talents and gifts from God in two separate church planting assessments (Acts 29 & Hill Country Bible Church). They have both confirmed the gifting and calling. This too worked out beautifully as Acts 29 recommended a church plant residency program for training and Hill Country is providing the residency program remarkably well. I have also sought wise counsel from others. A few questioned my ability and my calling and the process humbled me. Most have confirmed the calling, and that continues to humble me as well.

Lastly, has been opportunity, and that is where God is shining and confirming things so strongly in our lives right now. The opportunity to plant in Denton, TX closed firmly back in April, and after praying for a Macedonian call that someone would contact us in strange ways and ask for our help, a representative from Hill Country asked us if we would consider being assessed to plant a church in Austin.

What was really cool was that Austin was already a city that we loved. Twenty-four days later they offered an opportunity to prepare to start a new church in Austin and after prayer, counsel and considering the above, we accepted. Since getting on the ground in Austin it has been awesome to see how God has gone before us in bringing us here and showing us favor, and we are excited to pursue Christ together with all those who are seeking to preach hope and restoration to the city of Austin.

Discerning specifically how to spend your life can be hard work, but operating in the manner that you have been called and designed is a glorious thing from God. If you have not found it already, my prayer for you is that you would find out how God has designed you and that you would seek the opportunity to work, live and breath in that God-design.

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  1. Rebekah permalink
    October 4, 2007 10:20 pm

    Word, JV!

    We miss your face around the office!

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