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A Baptist Heart for Austin (Six Metrics to Build the Kingdom in Austin)

October 18, 2007

As you all know God is funny. And awesome. And holy. And in the business of humbling me, so that he can exalt himself.

I did not grow up Christian and the last thing I wanted to be was a Christian. And the second to last thing I wanted to be was a Baptist. Well, I am definitely a Christian. And in God’s beauty and mercy, he keeps me hanging around the Baptists also.

I have been meeting with David Smith, the director, over at the Austin Baptist Association and have attended a couple of monthly meetings. This past Tuesdays meeting was great. It was the associations annual meeting, complete with old heroes of the faith, young studs and approving of the last meetings minutes. And then they voted on some stuff. And yes it was great, but primarily because of David’s heart and where he is spending his influence.

I know none of this is revolutionary in missions, but it is encouraging to hear the director of the local association set the course he is setting.

David Smith’s Six Metrics to Build the Kingdom in Austin

  1. Strengthen existing churches
    1. Primarily through partnerships between existing churches
  2. Take responsibility to be culturally relevant to those in your mission field
    1. Ask, ‘What will it take to reach into the diverse pockets around us?”
  3. It is critical that we plant new churches
    1. Church planting is the most effective means for advancing the kingdom in Austin.
  4. Fundraising
    1. Our exuberance to embark on new challenges must be met by our efforts to raise funds to meet the challenges.
  5. Partnerships
    1. We must build partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to build the kingdom.
  6. We must assume personal responsibility that God’s will be done.

I was encouraged. Like I said, it may not be revolutionary, but it is great to hear. And it is great to see the Association Director from such an influential organization in such a great city make the call that he did.

As another example of David’s heart for the city, even though I am not formally partnering with the Baptist association, David is contacting Baptist churches in the area trying to find a house for my family to live in for the first year so that we can live in our missional focus area. David is not just a Baptist guy, but a kingdom guy.

Let’s join them in prayer that through God’s mercy they will make beautiful progress towards those metrics and the exalting of Jesus in Austin.

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  1. October 20, 2007 11:35 am

    David is one of the most kingdom minded leaders I know. He has been incredibly supportive of Austin CityLife, as well as a great friend. Oh for more of his tribe.

  2. shaw permalink
    November 2, 2007 9:25 am

    indeed. david is a man to pray for more of in austin.

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