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A Note to Melissa

December 9, 2007

So last Thursday evening my bride and I had dinner with Billy and Melissa. And we liked them a lot. There were a lot of great questions throughout the evening, but one in particular I wish I could answer again. It was something along the lines of “So tell me about the church?”

This should be an easy question by now, right? I mean, God has called me to start a new church community in Austin. He has given me a vision for it. And I have had some pretty cool men help me to process how to answer that question. So, it should be easy. Then why was I all over the place in the answer then?

I think because it is so simple, yet so complex at the same time. How do you wrap your brain around it all at one time? I mean the church is to be the image of God here on earth. We are to continue the mission of Christ. And folks, those two thoughts alone are huge!! Just huge!! So if it makes you speechless from time to time. If you don’t know where to start. Well, I think that is ok.

However, I am gonna take another shot at it, so here goes:


Melissa: So, tell me about the church?

Jacob: It is the most overwhelmingly gracious thing on this earth that God could ask me to do. It humbles me daily that he entrusts me with starting this community, and this is what I see:

I see a community of faith humbled by the grace of God in their lives, and as a result they humbly offer grace to those around them.

I see a community of faith that seeks to be the body of Christ in their communities, continuing the mission that Christ began and that he commissioned us to when he ascended.

I see a community that, in following the example of the incarnation of Christ, seeks to lay down its rights to self in order to serve others. For many, the church stands at a distance and says act the right way and talk the right way, and then you can come.

I see a community of faith that seeks to know more about the story they find themselves in through the holy scriptures.

I see a community of believers where each individual is seeking out their God given design. Where people are actively asking, ‘What am I passionate about, what am I good at and how has God wired me?” And I see them seeking to operate as they have been designed.

I see a community of faith that worships God with their whole lives, not just with parts of their week.

I see a community of faith that applies the gospel to themselves and that declares and demonstrates the whole gospel to whole people in the whole city.

I see a generous community of faith, both with time and resources.

I see a community. A body of believers united around Jesus. Willing to share their lives with one another. Willing to share their lives with their neighbors, with their co-workers, with the guy at the coffee shop, with the guy under the bridge, with the fatherless child, with the girl behind the counter, with the angry guy at the office, with the atheist who hates God, with the pastor who is weary, with the young professional who moved into the new condo next door, with the strip club dancer who is trying to provide for her daughter, with the man who is sticking dollar bills in her underwear, with the new believer who desperately needs someone to show them the way, with the old lady next door who rarely comes out, with the CEO, with the Wiccan down the street, with the Christian moralists, with the guy who has a ‘W’ sticker on his car, with those who do not know the Lord Jesus and with those who do.

I am not the first to see these things. I am not the first to have this vision. But I can’t do it alone. We are not supposed to anyway. That is why I pray daily for God to bring people like you and Billy alongside us.

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  1. January 9, 2008 6:17 am

    thanks for sharing this. how very true.

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