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Preaching Across 3 Streams

January 8, 2008

Here is a a quote from Preaching Across 3 Streams by Darrin Patrick, Lead Pastor of The Journey church in St. Louis. It isn’t a new thought, just something that echoes my heart and says it wonderfully. If you are a preacher/teacher, then download the full message here.

Darrin starts with a quote from Tim Keller:

“The bible is not a collection of Aesop’s fables, it is not a book of virtues, it is a story about how God saves us. Any exposition of a text that does not get to Christ, but just explains biblical principles, will be a synagogue sermon that merely exhorts people to exert their wills to live according to a particular pattern. Instead of the life giving gospel, the sermon offers just one more ethical paradigm to crush the listeners.”

And then Darrin asks:

“Are you crushing your listeners? Are you pointing them to Christ? And I don’t just mean pointing them to Christ as an example, because he is a good example. But we don’t need just one more good example, we don’t need just one more good teacher, we need a savior, we need someone that stepped in with a rescue. And if you’re not pointing to that in your sermon, then you’re not teaching a Christian sermon and we need to be convicted that we are laying law onto people instead of pointing them to Christ.”

My prayer as a result is something like this: “Lord, I may not be a polished speaker, but always let me continue to speak as one who has been touched by your holiness and grace. As one who has been rescued. As one who always exalts Jesus Christ and the saving work on the cross.”

For those of you who care for me, my family and the people of Austin, remind me of that prayer if I should stray.

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