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Resurgence Text & Context: Putting Pastors in Their Place by Mark Driscoll

March 9, 2008

Here are the notes I took from Mark Driscoll’s opening session at the Resurgence Text & Context Conference.

Putting Pastors in There Place
By Mark Driscoll

In The Beginning
God is the first preacher. God proclaimed, God said, God said, God said, and life came from it. Preaching brings life.

Genesis 3 shows us that God is not the only preacher. The serpent preaches as well.

The question is not, “will there be preaching, but what will be preached”

God comes in Genesis 3:15 after we listen to the wrong preacher. God has raised up preachers/prophets since that time to preach with power and authority.

Jesus comes and the serpent preaches to Jesus in the wilderness the same temptation that he preached to Adam. Jesus responds with scripture. And from that time Jesus began preaching. It is not sharing, it is preaching! That people should repent.

You cannot repent of that of which you have not been forgiven of. If you do not offend people with the gospel then you offend God.

Book of Acts
Don’t go preaching until the Spirit anoints the preacher. One of the evidences of the work of the Holy Spirit is the preaching of the gospel. The NT church is birthed by the preaching of an anointed sermon. Proclaim the word with power and authority and people are saved and the church begins.

The air war and the ground war. People meeting in homes brought together for proclamation. Connect the groups to the sermon.

Acts 4 they continue preaching

Acts 6 they pick out deacons so they can continue in prayer and preaching. Do not allow guilt to take you out of prayer and study.

Preach from conviction from God. Guilt comes from people, conviction comes from God.

Acts 7 Stephen preaches

Acts 9 Jesus preaches to Saul

Acts 9:28 Paul preaches boldly

Acts 11, Acts 12, Acts 13 more preaching Acts 14 they continue to preach the gospel. They almost kill Paul and then he continues preaching! You’ve gotta have courage to preach and don’t miss that.

Acts 17 Paul preaches

Acts 18 Paul preaches

Acts 19 Paul preaches

Acts 20 Paul preaches to the Ephesian elders to be aware of wolves. We have to protect our people from wolves. A few wolves can do great damage in a young flock. Preach to our elders the guarding of the flock. Grace, mercy and kindness are for the flock, not for the wolves.

Paul then goes to jail

Acts 26 Paul preaches to Agrippa

Acts 27/28 Paul continues preaching

2 Tim 4 preach the word, you are worthy of double honor. You preach because of Gods call. Turn your critics into coaches.

Putting The Church In Its Place
The church is both universal and local

The church us both visible and non-visible.

The ecclesia means ‘gathering of Gods people’

The gathering DOES matter! The gathered believers are the church. It is both the large gathering and the church sent out.

Marks of the church
1. Jesus is the head. Jesus is not just humble, but a savior!

2. The local church must have called, local, male leadership.

3. The gospel is rightly preached.

4. The rights are properly observed regularly. Baptism and the Lords table.

5. Church discipline rightly enacted.

We must regularly preach the gospel, provide the sacraments and discipline people who claim the faith but do not walk in humble repentance.

Pride births all other sins. The lie is that we can be our own Gods. When we determine truth, the serpent is preaching and we have bought the lie that we can be our own Gods.

The lie that says ‘no preaching, no authority and no church discipline’ is from the serpent. These are all marks of the current house church and emerging church movements. We must be aware that much of today’s church movement is birthed from the postmodern view of the rejection of authority and truth, thus they reject authority and have no designated leader, they reject objective truth and the community determines truth. The rejection of authority also negates church discipline. The serpent still says, “you can be like God’

Two Last Questions
Is an Internet church a church? There is no sacrament, no baptism, no assembly, and no discipline.

Is multi-campus a church? We must think about what a church is. It requires sacrament, discipline, elders, etc. It is far more than gathering and proclamation. Each Mars Hill campus has a campus pastor, elders and church functions.

If we do not define what a church is, then the serpent says, “Since there is no definition of church then I will plant one myself”

The Final Preached Sermon
Revelation 14:6 an angel preaches

God begins with preaching, we continue preaching and an angel finishes preaching.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 9, 2008 4:05 am

    Thanks for the notes! I loved this message.

  2. December 15, 2008 3:39 pm

    I belive your ”Two Last Questions” are kind of [sorry] imature. I dont mean to offend.
    What happens is that the church is the people of God [the ones who have been saved by Jesus, and driven out of the terrible society who killed Him] and that`s all. I think the church is not build by elders, discipline, baptism, and all that stuff you said. We are tal;king about people, and we cant control, define, or give borders to them. Only The Spirit does.
    It is foolish to ask if a multi campus church or a online church are churches. Of course they arent! They are just portals and meeting places where the PEOPLE gather to share Jesus. There is only one church, who is the body of Christ, and we should forget about the rest!

  3. December 15, 2008 3:59 pm

    Thanks for the comment Lucas. In reading the blog post more closely you will see that these are notes from a conference, not my words. So I am definitely not offended because you think they are immature.

    You are correct that an internet site and a multi-campus site is not the ‘church’, but rather the people are the church. The name of our church is ‘soma’ which is Greek for ‘body’, as in the body of Christ. We so strongly believe this that we call ourselves Soma, the body.

    That being said I stand by much of Pastor Mark’s statements regarding the church. The ‘Church’ is all the saints of God, God’s people redeemed by Christ throughout history, and with Christ as its head. The ‘local church’, the local assembly of saints, has been ordained by God and gifted by the Holy Spirit with apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers, and the church is called to certain practices.

    God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all provide and enable us to care for, pastor, correct and love one another. This includes boundaries of behavior and thought life within the community.

    You may have been another unfortunate recipient of ‘church is a building’ Christianity that required little of God’s people other than tithing and service. I am glad that you are jealous for God’s glory and worship by the saints. Many in Christianity today are reacting to Churchianity and pushing to far back from the local church. I humbly ask you to reconsider the scriptures and the God’s provision of local church leaders and the practices of the local church, including how they gather and where they gather.

    May Jesus increase in you this season.

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