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Soma Austin Website & Blog

April 16, 2008

For anyone who would like to check it out, the Soma Austin website is now live.  There are still some edits to do, mainly in terms of the homepage photos and some content, but it is complete for the most part.  We designed the site with an intentional Web 2.0 feel, and it intentionally does not look like a church website.  One of the important things we need to do in this area is to break down categories that the church has been put in and this serves that end.  The site also seeks to promote member participation through submitting and reading articles, an easy to locate calendar and a blog.  Directly on the front page, you can read a blog or an article, see the components of our mission, listen to audio and review the calendar.  (We may still do some design tweaks on the front page)  I will be posting on the blog and in the future, we will add some additional voices.

You can subscribe to the RSS feeds for both the blog and articles.  So please head over and I would appreciate any useful feedback that you might have concerning overall design layout, colors, navigation, images and content.  You post it here on this blog.  In exchange, I can critique your stuff 😉

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