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Jeff Vanderstelt is Blogging

May 22, 2008

For you missional church leaders out there, you need to add Jeff Vanderstelt’s blog to your regular reading.  Jeff is a pastor, church planter and church planter equipper out of Soma Communities in Tacoma, WA.  He regularly speaks at Acts 29 Network training events and he leads the Soma School, which is a training program up in Tacoma where you spend 7 days living in the rhythms of Soma Communities.

Thanks to Drew Goodmanson for the heads up.  If you don’t already read Drew, you should check him out as well.  Solid stuff everytime, he is a pastor/elder at Kaleo Church in San Diego, and he is also the guy behind Ekklesia 360 (a great content management system) and Monk Development.

Both these guys have had a big influence in my shaping, so thanks to them also.

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  1. May 27, 2008 8:47 pm

    hey, do you ever wear your boots?

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