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Tangible Kingdom (Missio Intensive) Conference for Practitioners

August 26, 2008

This looks a little more like what I wish the most recent conference I attended would have been like.  At this point, we are already swimming in the missional stream and need to hang with some other practitioners.  If you are interested in the missional church, Rick McKinley or hanging with missional practitioners you might like the Tangible Kingdom Missio Intensive in Denver on October 2-3.  I can’t make it, but maybe some of you can.

Here is some info from their website:

You don’t need to go to conferences to get information. You can get that anywhere. We are designing this as a working conference for pastors and church planters who want to get practical around these topics:

  • What is the kingdom and how can the church make it tangible?
  • What is incarnational community and how can any church of any size move people beyond limp-wristed small groups to become sent communities of blessing?
  • How to begin grass-roots movements of benevolence instead of top down, programmed centered efforts?
  • Ways to limit consumerism in your church
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