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Austin Church Plants in Giving City Magazine

October 27, 2009

Austin Church Plants Article in Giving City Magazine

Giving City is a blog and digital magazine that calls itself the ‘guide to doing good in Austin’.  Being that’s their goal, we were pleased to see their most recent issue highlighting church planting in Austin and the good they are doing in and for the city.  Specifically they highlighted interviews with myself and Matthew Hansen who oversees Restore Communities and local/international missions at Austin New Church.  Monica Maldonado at Giving City had heard about our work with Communities in Schools and was intrigued by these new, young churches that are working towards the renewal of our city.

So we are excited.  Not because we are highlighted or because a picture of me with an awkward look on my face is in the magazine, but we are excited to have the demonstration of the gospel on display for our city.  Excited to build towards a new reputation in the city of working for the common good.  We love this city and seek it’s renewal.  We are glad to have a seat at the table in redemptively shaping Austin.

You can find a link to the article on the Giving City website.  Or download it directly here.  It is a large PDF document with clickable links.  Scroll to page 16-18 for the article and then read the rest to learn about others in our city.

There is also a great graphic map of church plants in Austin from the Austin Church Planter Network.  You can find out more about the Plantr network on their website.

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